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Moonstone B4
 Prices from  TL360.50  Per week 
Villa Loumar
 Prices from  TL749.00  Per week 
Villa Opal
 Prices from  TL602.00  Per week 
Menekse Villa
 Prices from  TL602.00  Per week 
Sapphire Villa
 Prices from  TL500.50  Per week 
Villa Sophia
 Prices from  TL749.00  Per week 
Forest Valley B2
 Prices from  TL371.00  Per week 
Palm Beach A6
 Prices from  TL325.50  Per week 
Palm Beach C5
 Prices from  TL325.50  Per week 
Kayapark F4
 Prices from  TL374.50  Per week 
Ege 4 B4 3 Bed Apartment
 Prices from  TL413.00  Per week 
Peach Rose Villa
 Prices from  TL448.00  Per week 
Saros 2 Bed Beachfront Apartment
 Prices from  TL518.00  Per week 
Sun Valley A6
 Prices from  TL350.00  Per week 
Alexpeth Villa
 Prices from  TL800.10  Per week 
Sovalye Apartment Kayapark A4
 Prices from  TL385.00  Per week 
Villa Calis
 Prices from  TL490.00  Per week 
Palm Beach E5
 Prices from  TL325.50  Per week 
Peace Villa A1
 Prices from  TL854.00  Per week 
Saros 4 Bed Beachfront Apartment
 Prices from  TL451.50  Per week 
Villa Sunshine
 Prices from  TL553.00  Per week 
Korfez No:2 Apartment
 Prices from  TL294.00  Per week 
Korfez No:5 Apartment
 Prices from  TL406.00  Per week 
Villa Vanric
 Prices from  TL763.00  Per week 
Lissa Links Villa 15
 Prices from  TL451.50  Per week 
Lissa Villa 16
 Prices from  TL402.50  Per week 
Ayyildiz 2 bed Apartment
 Prices from  TL350.00  Per week 
Sun Valley D5
 Prices from  TL350.00  Per week 
Akdeniz Calis 2 Bed Apartment
 Prices from  TL399.00  Per week 
Villa Lyra
 Prices from  TL449.40  Per week 
Summer 1 2 Bed Apartment
 Prices from  TL329.00  Per week 
Lilly 2 Bed Apartment
 Prices from  TL315.00  Per week 
Platinum Villas, sleeping 18
 Prices from  TL2,450.00  Per week 
Aqua 2 Bed Apartment
 Prices from  TL301.00  Per week 
Palm Villa
 Prices from  TL735.00  Per week 
Dove 3 Bed Villa
 Prices from  TL700.00  Per week 

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